What is it?

Dry Cupping is traditional form of alternative therapy popular among the Chinese and Middle Eastern. It involves the use of glass or silicon cups that are placed over several targeted muscular areas to form a vacuum. The suction helps lift and stretch muscle tissues, hence increases the blood flow to that specific muscle.


The benefits are:

  • Reduce muscle tensions and pain
  • Improving oxygenation and blood flow within the muscle tissue
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Stretches myofascial tissue, helping individuals to relax
  • Reduce anxiety, fatigue and migrains
  • Reduce number of cellulite on the body

Our Process

Our suction cups are properly disinfected and sanitised before every session. Before apply the vacuum cups, we apply some talcum powder and oil to ensure that the skin does not suffer from abrasion. We will then spot tense areas and place the suction cups on them before using the suction gun to create a vacuum and lift and stretch those muscles up. The suction cups will be left for about 5-10 mins before it can be removed. Meanwhile our therapist will work on other areas on you of your body so that your time is well utilised.

Scientific Citations

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