How I Got Started

A story of humble beginnings and perseverance to provide service to an industry I am passionate about.

I have a passion for the track & field since young. I started off as a National Youth Sprinter U-18s and was professionally competing in the 200m and 400m race. I clocked a pretty impressive 23.05s for 200m while 50.79s for 400m during his youth.

However, things took an unfortunate turn. I tore my hamstring and at the same time, my knee cartilage suffered from serious wear and tear. Athletes at that time also did not have proper sponsorships, proper rehabilitation or post-training care. Treatments were too expensive and I had personal financial constraints that did not allow me to pursue therapy for my sports injury. As a result, I had to forgo my dream of being a professional track athlete.

Aylwin in sprinting competition
Aylwin training for 400m race
Aylwin Sprinter training
Aylwin with Wandy
IASTM Certification
CIBTAC Certification
Aylwin with Mr Kanu
World Class Sprinter
Aylwin with Nas Daily

How Passion Kept My Flame Alive

A story of humble beginnings and perseverance to provide service to an industry I am passionate about.

Due to financial constraints, I had to signed on with the Navy and served for about 13 years. Nonetheless, I knew deep down that my passion still lies in the realm of fitness and sports. I took up part-time coaching on track and field and took a diploma in sports coaching during those 13 years.

I soon left the Navy and had to look for odd jobs to earn some income and pay the bills. During this period I met my Sports Massage Mentor Victor Ong who took me under his wing and guided me on massage techiniques. Within 2 months of massaging 3 to 4 customers a day, I managed to get more clients through word-of-mouth. I found my talent and soon felt that I was ready to venture this on my own and rent places for myself to conduct my services.

While trying to establish myself in the industry I took up skills such as IASTM, dry cupping and CIBTEC qualifications to make myself relevant and unique in my offering. With these certifications, I manage to land work opportunities at Camden Medical Centre and Scotts Medical Centre.

Right now I am proud to serve my clients at my own professional clinic in 20 Kramat Lane, United House. I am happy that I am still contributing to the industry and contributing something that I was lacking in my youth for future and current athletes here in Singapore.

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